Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A New Crochet Project

Just what I needed to do days before a craft show: try something new!
There aren't many tutorials out there for these crochet ball covers, so I started with one and changed it up when I got lost! I've been using at least 3 different kinds of thread which work up differently, so I adjust as I go along. I should probably write down my favorite stitch combos.
Thank you, Jim, for getting me started!

I've had this box of satin ornaments for YEARS! I think I bought them for my Girl Scouts to experiment with, but it didn't go well. I'm happy to finally have a use for them.

Each one takes me almost and hour to crochet. Now I'm struggling with how much to charge for them. $3 or $5? I think they need a bow around the top loop.

Julia has been stringing my rolled paper beads into bracelets. The bright colors add to the look I'm going for on my awesome new white tree!

The tiny wooden spools of thread were an antique show purchase a few years ago. Until now, they have been displayed in baskets and in a glass pedestal trifle dish. Strung with crochet thread and a few buttons, I think they are super cute!

And, of course, I needed a tiny tree skirt to complete the look.
Almost ready for a show or two!

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Stephanie Laydilyke said...

Can you advise on a pattern. Yours are beautiful. I'd love to try them.