Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why did it have to be glitter?

I'm hosting a women's breakfast at church this Saturday because when the pastor asks you to do him a favor, you cannot refuse! I want it to be festive, with centerpieces on the tables, but with no budget, I turned to something recycled. I made one of these folded magazine trees last year, but couldn't remember how to do the fold. (I would look at the first one if I could find it!)

Enter Martha! The video is worth watching. I'm sure her folding method is slightly different than what I did last year, and I like it much better. I found that catalogs or magazines that are stapled in the fold (no spine) and have at least 100 pages yield the best results.

I didn't have much luck with spray adhesive and glitter, so I brushed on a watered-down white glue. Have I ever told you how much I dislike glitter? In my 12 years as a Girl Scout leader, my poor girls were never allowed to use glitter! Why? Because now my entire kitchen is covered in glitter! I try to contain it, but it's everywhere! So why do I even OWN glitter? Because it's shiny and comes in pretty colors, of course. And everything is glittered this Christmas. I'm doomed.

We can't bring ourselves to light an Advent candle yet because a little friend has taken up residence in our wreath. He's so tiny and has managed to string his web between all four candles. Dinner discussion last night centered around how spiders spin webs. "Like how Spiderman shoots web out of his wrist!"


free indeed said...

As a mom, I dreaded glitter crafts with the kids too! There just isn't an easy way to keep it from getting everywhere and then, there is always the glumpy glitter and the excess mixed glitter to rebottle and reuse...
Those are cute trees however..hope you have a great breakfast!

Shellie said...

UGH! Glitter! I feel the same way ;) Your trees are beautiful though! Great job - have fun at the breakfast!!