Wednesday, September 22, 2010


As I was pulling out of the high school parking lot last night, THIS car pulled in!
It's Italian and it's orange!

I've been living with boys long enough to know that when you see a cool car, you must call their attention to it. So I came home, described the car to Bill, then he, Julia and I drove back to school with the camera! Julia ran into the band room to pull her brother out of drum line practice. (We didn't know how much longer the car would be there and it's not often that you can get up close and personal with a Lamborghini.) The boys all circled the car, keeping a respectful distance. I love how the camera flash lit up the headlights and license plate. It's alive!

I did buy something orange that was infinitely more affordable: dahlias from the farmer's market. I chose the bouquet with the most orange flowers!

Keep an eye out for some stunning orange today!


Linda said...

I had to call my son over to see the car photo. He knew immediately what it was and started giving me statistics!
I love orange. Especially red-orange. Just yesterday two quilters told me they just couldn't sew with orange. I think they've never seen how beautiful it can be in fall leaves. (I am back in south Texas where they is no autumn, except on the calendar.) I lived on the East Coast for 20 years. Miss those colors!

Linda said...

I meant to say "where THERE is no autumn"!