Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Some of you know that I edit my guild's newsletter. I hijacked the President's letter in the current issue.

I asked Ralph if I could write to you this month because September marks my 20th anniversary of quilting. In 1990, Bill and I were newlyweds and had moved to New London for his first job. I hadn't found a job yet and I was looking for something to do. My mother had made us a quilt as a wedding gift (her first), so when I saw an ad in the paper for quilt classes at Colchester Mill, I was in!

That first class was perfect! A sampler quilt with various techniques, I think it ran for 6 or 8 weeks. I used Christmas fabrics, some from my mother's stash, and I still hang it every year. I often wonder if I should take it apart to "fix" it, but we have come to love every lump and pucker.

I wonder how many quilts I have completed in 20 years. Regrettably, I did not keep records, but have many photos. Estimating 4 or 5 a year, that's almost 100 quilts. There have been lots of baby quilts, lap quilts and wall hangings with some bed sized quilts sprinkled in. For every completed project, there must be at least one work in progress.

I have attempted countless techniques and mastered a few. How is there always something new to learn? After all the paper-piecing I have done, I recently discovered that I enjoy appliqué and hand work. Who knew?

Not long after my first quilt was completed, perhaps early 1991, I became a member of Ninigret Quilters. I'm so glad I joined! This group has been eternally inspirational. I have learned something new at every meeting, show & tell, and workshop.

I have enjoyed volunteering at every quilt show. Quilt shows are the best motivation to complete projects! I've taken a turn as secretary and vice president, and now I'm on my second round as newsletter editor. If you are new to the group, I encourage you to get involved. It's a great way to meet other members and can be very fulfilling.

I treasure each and every friendship I have made here. Many of you remember when Julia and Pete were born and have become bonus grannies and aunties. Ninigret will always be my quilting home. I plan to keep my membership for another 20 + 20 years!

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Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Seems like I'm always trying to catch up reading blogs...congratulations on your 20th. I know there's at least 50 more years in there. If not quilting, then I know we'll still be blogging! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Couldn't have asked for better weather.
Talk to you soon,