Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Julia and Pete had the day off yesterday because of the primary election, so we headed to Boston! It's absolutely our favorite city. Every time we go, we find something new.

We started out with lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. Pete has a drum stick collection, so he added a pair here. They have an entire wall covered in cymbals!

We arrived at the National Park Service visitors center just in time for a free tour of the Freedom Trail.

I love the old buildings flanked by modern skyscrapers.

The tour ended in the North End. Since it was snack time, we stopped by Mike's Pastry for cannoli. Look at the size of these!

With a few hours to kill, we continued along the Freedom Trail to Charlestown.
I love this new bridge!

Unfortunately, this is the one we walked across. I never liked driving over this bridge, and it's even scarier to walk across. The top span is that metal grate that you can see through to the water below. Yikes!

Old Ironsides is a beautiful ship. Restoration continues, and the Navy hopes to actually sail her again next year. Until then, a tug boat pulls her around the harbor a few times a year to keep her commissioned.

I love all the ropes and knots on tall ships.

Our main reason for being in Boston was to see Rush at the Garden! I've been a fan since high school, so it's been fun to witness the kids discover the music of this incredible band. I've never seen so many air drummers at a concert! It was so funny to watch all the drummers in the crowd (including Pete) try to match Neil Peart's signature moves.

It was an awesome concert, a fun day, and we're completely exhausted!


Unknown said...

So jealous here!! Boston is our fave too! You can't beat the sites, the history, the food, and wow Rush too. Would have loved that!!

Chris Daly said...

Lol. My husband and I bought tickets to see them at Red Rocks this summer. We couldn't get good seats in Wisconsin so an hour later we had 19th row in Colorado. LOVED THE CONCERT!!! Rock on Tina :)