Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School

I used to be a little sad on the first day of school. Not today! I'm really excited to have the house to myself again.
This is not my usual first-day-of-school photo. I prefer to pose them on the front porch with their backpacks, but they just wouldn't go for it this time. I'll take what I can get! Pete really needs a haircut.

It was a busy last-week-of-summer. Julia had wanted to paint her room all summer, but she needed to clean and purge first. Josh was a huge help, but I don't know if he'll volunteer to paint with me again. I'm really particular about painting! We'll show you some before and after as soon as we finish decorating.

My nephew Eric moved into his new apartment last weekend. It was really fun for us to have him staying here, and the time passed much too quickly. He's happy to have his own place and he's only 40 minutes away, so we'll see him a lot. I hope!

Now to tackle the list of phone calls that need to be made, then I can sew!!

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