Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fun with Envelopes?

Why have I been saving security envelopes for months? I couldn't remember! I knew I had a seen a tutorial for something cool made from them, but what?

Then I stumbled upon this website and remembered! So, when I should have been sorting through photos from 1999, I was slicing and rolling paper beads.

I made these 2 bracelets last night in about an hour. Julia loves them because they are blue. Even Pete thinks they are cool.

I made these long beads this morning from an ad page in a quilting magazine. They are a little bluer in real life and not so camouflage-looking. I've been wanting to make myself a necklace to hang my reading glasses from (I'm wearing them a lot lately!) and I think I'll use paper beads. I love the whole trash to treasure aspect of this project.

Now, I'm off to 1999. My list for today says, "QUIT STALLING!" at the top. My goal was to have the 1999 scrapbook done in January. I know once I get started, it will flow and I can do it quickly. But I'm running out of time! The thing that's stopping me is the lack of clear table space. I'm thinking about setting up another table so I don't have to clear off the others. And I should work downstairs where all the supplies are, but it's dark and lonely down there. I just need to jump in and start. Ready, set, GO!


solomi558 said...

I would love to make some of these beads , do you cut a length and roll it round a knitting pin?, Would you be so kind and leave an instruction on my blog----------------cottonreel-
They are so pretty said...

oh,how cool and pretty! Another one to put on my "to do" list...