Monday, January 25, 2010

Bear Paw

I took some time yesterday to design my MQX Charity Challenge piece. One requirement is that it has to contain at least one bear paw block. I wanted to see if I could accurately piece a small one and I was really pleased that I could! (It is perfectly square in real life. Ignore the bad camera angle.) They will be way nicer with the provided batiks.

On the bear theme, my brother sent me a slide show of Maine wildlife department employees doing health check ups on hibernating bears. I'm terrified of bears, so that is one job I will never have. The cubs are soooo cuuute!

Pete had a short school day today, only one mid-term exam, so we did a little shopping. We are attempting to jump start the economy single-handedly! He needed new boots and a sleeping bag for all those Boy Scout campouts, and we did major damage at Wal-Mart. You know all those staples add up, but a teenager has no clue. He was shocked at the bill and asked if he could keep the receipt. Whatever.

Poor Julia is swamped! Mid-terms, a huge global studies project due next week, swim meets, and rehearsals every day for the high school production of Cinderella this weekend. She can't wait until February!

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Jackie said...

The bear paw block is great! You were pretty accurate if you ask me. My daughter has mid terms too and has been swamped. Lots going on. Look in your mailbox this week!