Friday, January 22, 2010

First Finish of 2010

I'm really excited about this one. These are the only blocks I managed to get done from the A Tisket A Tasket Block of the Month last year. (This year's Bunny Hill BOM looks super cute, too.)

I chose to work on it as my 1st UFO of the year. All it needs now is a label and a couple of buttons. Buttons?, you ask. In my grand plan, there will be 3 more of these quarterly panels to complete the year. They will each have a tab at the top which can be buttoned down to the back to make a sleeve so the panel can be hung on its own.

In my dream world, when all 4 panels are done, there will also be a quilted base piece that the panels can be buttoned onto to display the entire year. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?




I am really pleased with the quilting, all free-form, free motion.
Don't ask me why these pictures stink. I think I might have killed yet another point and shoot digital camera.

I suppose I can't stall any longer. It's time to clean the house. Blth.
Then I can start my 1999 Scrapbook!


Connie said...

Hi, love this ,is it a monthly quilt or a runner, and what patterm is it?HAPPY SEWING! said...

oh my have been busy planning your have so many beautiful things in good you will feel to have the finished work to show...good luck! said...

oh, the BOM....quilting looks great!
I hope to do the BOM myself one year!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your blocks are just adorable Tina! You have a great idea for display. These are some of the cutest Tisket blocks I have seen in blogland! And the quilting makes them so cute!