Monday, October 26, 2015

Scrappy Spools

 For something completely different than yesterday's post, I give you Scrappy Spools. I finished this one a couple of weeks ago, but haven't had a chance to post until now. This was a fun quilt to make!

It started out in January with these piles of scraps. Aren't they pretty?

While prepping for a guild workshop that required (48) 4.5" squares, I could have pulled from my stash of charms, but I was feeling inspired to use those scraps. Hooray for string piecing!

Christine Bagley taught the class in April and helped us embrace the Y-seam.

 Piecing is my happy place!

The top was done in June, but quilting had to wait while higher priorities were completed.

I wanted to use a thicker, visible thread for quilting, so I pulled out my collection of YLI Machine Quilting thread. 

I started stitching each thread color on a spool of that color, and it loops and swirls around from there.

Each color ends up near the ruler border, in a twisted, tangled mess. Just like real life! I left the ends dangling, which really confused my friend who was hanging it at the quilt show last week. She thought I had forgotten to trim the threads when I finished quilting. Nope, that was a design choice! There's a peak at the multi-color ruler binding below.

The week before the show, I had piles of quilts all over my house. Different quilts were going to different shows, almost at the same time. Crazy town.

Here it is hanging at the Ninigret Quilters show. 

Scrappy Spools
51" X 62"
January - October 2015
Class with Christine Bagley


Debbie said...

Very fun! Yay for using those scraps!

Sandi said...

Love all the great colours! Did you quilt it on a long arm or domestic machine?

Rike Busch said...

The quilt looks fantastic and I love the quilting! It looks very light and like thread flowing around the spools. :D
Greetings, Rike

Ninigret Quilters said...

HA! I was right. I saw those threads and thought "Tina would never forget to bury her threads like that". Then I stepped back and AH-HA - she did it on purpose to look like real spools of thread; clever girl. (actually both of us - you for doing it and me for figuring it out and not pointing out the long tails to you!)