Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Improv with Jacquie

 I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to take Jacquie Gering's Scrappy Improvisation class last week. It was fun and informative and a really great day!  Many thanks to the Rhododendron Needlers guild and All About Quilts for hosting the class.

I had planned to meet my friend Maria there, and was pleasantly surprised that Janet Elia had signed up as well as two other members of the RIMQG. I really wasn't expecting to see so many familiar faces 90 minutes from home.
Here's my classroom setup. I can't go anywhere during allergy season without tissues. Sue brought the chocolate! 

My first four blocks were promising. Before packing for class, I selected the color palette from a photo on Design Seeds. I consulted my color tool to determine the fuchsia accent.  The gray is Kona Silver. I haven't used it up yet, so you will be seeing it again in celebration of my 25th Anniversary of quilting.

 I finished seven blocks in class and decided to not make more. I pieced them into the background yesterday while our piano was being tuned.

Jacquie has done some fun zig zag quilting across some of her quilts, so I started there with this one. I got bored pretty quickly, so I added a second zig zag. I wasn't sure if filling in with free motion was going to work. I stopped after each section to reassess. More straight lines to the left of the skinny fuchsia strip.

Here you can see the lime backing and teal binding.

 Hooray for texture!

 Improv with Jacquie
October 22 & 27, 2015
29" square


Gina said...

That's a great quilt. I'm getting quite a fan of improv but I'm too much of a control freak to attempt it. Great job on the quilting. It really works with it xx

Debbie said...

This turned out really nice! I'm so glad you got to take a Jacquie class!

Janet Ann said...

OMGosh I can not believe you finished already! …. No …Wait … YES I can!!! You are speedy! You Go Girl! Mine is still sitting on the design wall!! It was such a fabulous class, and Jacquie was incredible … maybe I am turning towards the Improv side!!!!!

Unknown said...

Fabulous quilt and lucky you for a class with Jacquie.

Unknown said...

Fabulous quilt and lucky you for a class with Jacquie.

mb-RI said...

Looks fabulous! You are truly amazing!!