Saturday, October 10, 2015

School Days Classroom Quilt

Since I was procrasti-quilting my way through August, it was the perfect time to make a new classroom quilt for my sister. In the late 90's, I designed a way to piece clear vinyl into a quilt block so you could slide pictures into the pocket. My sister got the first classroom quilt in 1999. It served her well for many years, but the homespun fabrics are starting to fray.

2015 on left, 1999 on right

Since I would be staying at her house in early September, I quickly pulled fabric and got busy. I had bought the focus fabric months ago, and I always have a roll of vinyl on hand. 

I did take pictures of the process if anyone is interested in a tutorial.
Are we really surprised that I chose the same title for both quilts? 

School Days
50" X 50"
August 29-30, 2015
Original Design


Sue SA said...

I would love to see a tutorial, this would make a lovely gift for my kids teachers.

WoolenSails said...

That is a really wonderful quilt for a teacher and a nice idea with the pockets.


Terri said...

It is beautiful!

Rike Busch said...

Wonderful idea!
Greetings, Rike

JoAnne in southern California said...

Your classroom quilt is quite interesting to me. It's quite perfect for hanging in a classroom. I spent many years with children in classrooms. Are the pockets for displaying students' work or their photos? I would be very interested in a tutorial, my daughter is a teacher.