Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ooh Rah!

I promise this will be the last post about Pete for a while. (My facebook friends will be relieved!) This blog will return to its focus on quilting!

I didn't get a "first day of school" photo this year, but I got a "leaving for the Marines" pic instead!

We met Pete at MEPS in Boston yesterday morning. He was tired (4:15 wake up call), but excited to be processed and ready to go. He gained 15 pounds of muscle since he first went to MEPS last December. The swearing in ceremony was quick, but nice. They asked the boys (all boys this week) to introduce themselves and say why they joined. Pete said he wants to be a warrior. His contract is for MOS 0321, Reconnaissance. We recently watched a military channel documentary about Force Recon that describes them as a clandestine group of nearly superhuman special operatives. We were surprised he didn't say that! (Watch the preview video here.)

This is what my amazing son posted to facebook before he left:

Well, the time has finally come. My epic, life changing quest to become one of America's most elite warriors will soon begin. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far and thank you to those who will be with me down the road. Words can not express how humbled I am to be joining a group of outstanding men and women with such a rich history and profound reputation. Forever shall I strive to maintain that reputation. See you all in three months. SEMPER FIDELIS.

After we said good bye and I cried again, Bill and I walked up to the North End for lunch at Regina's and cannoli at Mike's. Then we headed over the bridge to Charlestown to see the USS Constitution again. Bill has been reading the book Six Frigates about the founding of the US Navy. He was looking at cannons and masts. 

I was looking for every mention of the Marines who served on Old Ironsides. This display says, "Americans aboard shallow-draft gunboats engaged the Tripolitans in savage hand-to-hand combat." Which Americans do you suppose they were? The Marines, of course! There were 270 seamen and 50 Marines on the crew at the time.

The Marines have worn the coolest uniforms since 1797! I bought a hurdy gurdy that plays the Marine Hymn and a magnet and postcard with an image from a Marine Corps WWII recruiting poster.

We got "the call" that he had arrived in Parris Island at 11pm. I was expecting it to be in the middle of the night, so 11 was a great relief. He sounded good, but stumbled on his scripted speech when I yelled Love you!
I joined the Marine Family Network, so all my discussions about Pete in boot camp will happen over there. I will spare you the gory details! I'm off to write my first letter to my recruit.


Debbie said...

Wow. What an emotional time. Bless your son as he serves - and bless you too, mom!

Gina said...

Thank you Pete!! You are part of what makes America great!

regan said...

You're rightfully proud, and the quilting posts can wait! Boast and brag all you want! :o) Congrats to Pete on his honorable choice! And keep those cards, letters, and notes going.....he'll appreciate even the quickest of notes!

Cathy said...

Prayers for all of you! Thanks, Pete, for serving. Hopefully you will share an update about him from time to time. I don't mind interrupting the quilting every now and then.

The Marines do have nicer uniforms than the Army, but I am a sucker for Navy dress whites!!

Susan Owenby said...

Congratulations! Very exciting days indeed. :)