Saturday, September 14, 2013

432 Triangles

 Ninigret Quilters hosted a fantastic workshop with Marianne Hatton this week. (I'll post more to the Ninigret blog soon!) The title of the workshop was "It Takes Two Triangles" but it really takes 432! 

Since we had cut all the triangles at home, we were able to jump right in. We started with a discussion of fabric selection and values, then we designed our own blocks. The exercises were fun because we got to play with paper and glue before moving on to fabric.

I briefly toyed with the idea of making another T quilt, but I was out voted.

I decided on another traditional block. I'll post the name when I find it. It is called North Wind. I had time to piece 6 of the 36 blocks in class.

Once I got into a rhythm (and stopped sewing triangles backwards), each block took 10 minutes to piece. This represents 6+ hours of piecing.

Then the fun or rearranging began!

In this pic, you can see my piecing guide in the corner. My portable design wall was just the right size to lay this out. 

This last layout is our favorite, but I like the first one, too. I'll soon have another top to add to the to-be-quilted pile!

This was a really fun process. Thank you, Marianne!


Ms. C said...

It looks like the class was a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there!

Cathy said...

Agreed...first and last layouts are the ones I like. This is one I'd like to try sometime. One of these days....