Wednesday, July 31, 2013

WIP Wednesday - Sew Every Day

 Sewing every day uses up a lot of thread! Here's my first empty Aurifil spool to prove it. Yes, I think I will be saving the empty orange spools.

Day 25-28: I only managed to piece one block each day.  I was painting Pete's room while he was away at camp. At the end of each day, I'd be ready to crawl into bed and would see my machine waiting for me.

Day 29: Four blocks in one day and that brings the total to 40! There is one block I might replace, but for now, the album blocks are done.

Day 30: I realized that the wedding we are attending is THIS Friday! Since I am planning to give the happy couple Star Crazy Plan B, it jumped to the top of the To Do list. I added the inner border last night and will spend all day today and tomorrow finishing this small quilt.

 Here's a little peek at Pete's room. That was a lot of work. Stripping wallpaper border, prepping walls, and painting trim. Painting the walls is the easy part. I tried to throw away that pole lamp, but it was the first thing he noticed when he got home. He said I can get rid of it after he leaves in September.

These little beauties have been our breakfast visitors for a few days now. 

I'll be doing some WIP surfing later, when I need a break from Star Crazy.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Logan Marriott said...

I really like your Vintage blocks. Great colors!

regan said...

What a treasure to the new couple that Star Crazy quilt will be! Nice!

Cathy said...

The quilt for the wedding is looking great! The blue border was a great choice.

Funny the things they become attached to.