Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sew Every Day 13 & 14

 My "cottage" garden is bursting with perennials and scary looking iridescent blue bees.

 Sew Every Day 13: I stitched exactly 4 seams. I did a quick paper piecing demo at the RI Modern Guild meeting. Going to the meeting and shopping for fabric has to count, too!

Day 14:  I needed 10 more 9-patches to add to the swapped blocks for the layout I chose.

By dinner time, the large units were all pieced. It shouldn't take long on Monday to get the top finished.

Julia finished piecing the top she's been working on.

 She's really happy! The goal is to get it quilted and bound next weekend.

 When Bill was in his basement office last night, he heard something scratching the window screen. A turtle was trying to climb out of the window well! This morning, he found this baby snapping turtle dug into the mud in the bottom to keep cool. 

I won't be digging a hole in the mud for myself tomorrow, but I think I will need to move my machine back to my air-conditioned bedroom. It's going to be another steamy week.


Cathy said...

Just a warning...about 8 years ago our older son found a turtle in our window well and turned it into a hobby! He now has two very large tanks, plus a small one. His dear wife puts up with his obsession!

Ann @Bright Side of Balance said...

4 seams perfectly acceptable! I was out late last night at the drive in and slept in today, therefore after errands were done I was only able to contemplate sewing. lol. I don't think that would of counted! :)

Gina said...

Yay for sewing every day. Love your cottage garden and the photo of the turtle made me laugh!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Tina. Steamy I understand. Hot here, too. Beautiful quilts you're showing. I love the simple, scrappy ones. So familiar and comforting and yet always new and exciting!
best from Tunisia,

Jodi said...

As my hubs and I were making the bed this morning, which has my Mod Bento Box quilt on it, I was telling him about YOUR gorgeous Mod Bento (he was thrilled :-). I'm so glad you brought it, although I must say I like your layout much better than mine! Those quilt tops look great - you gals sure are busy. I'm certainly no expert on turtles, but I think they dig in mud to lay their eggs, and they usually like to go back to the same spot every year. Have a great week, Tina and Julia!

Debbie said...

wow. you are doing good sewing every day. I was just tooo pooped last night! ;-/ Feeling overwhelmed.