Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Magenta

 Purple is so difficult to photograph! Even after editing, this is close, but not quite right.

Anyway, the top of the magenta crayon challenge is done. I'm trying to decide if it needs a border. It is only 42" x 56" now, so it would certainly be more useful if it was a little bigger. So far, everything has come out of my stash, but there is nothing left that will work as the border. Darn. I guess I'll need to shop!

Does anyone know if this block has a name? It is similar to, and inspired by, a quilt in Camille's new book that is not available yet. My triangles are all the same size, but hers are not.

So here we are back to the original picture of the crayon and cut fabrics. Morning light creates the truest colors.

 Karen and I are headed up to the Sewing Expo tomorrow. Maybe I'll find the right border fabric.


Jackie said...

Love the quilt... Love Martha Negley! Have her fabrics in the shop. So I won't see you at MQX... sad face....

Cathy E said...

Love the color combination!