Friday, April 19, 2013

Eagle Progress

 FYI: there are no quilts in this post, but it is a little crafty.

My son, Pete, completed his Eagle Scout project this week. He has been working with the Rhode Island Veteran's Home to beautify the hallway leading to the activities department. There is a wall of windows that overlooks the dumpsters out back. Not pretty! The plan was to paint the windows with faux stained glass to allow light to come through while blocking the view.

We opted to paint the scenes on frosted privacy vinyl for a number of reasons. Pete found images of eight lighthouse in Rhode Island and free-handed the enlargements. Then he used a makeshift lightbox (my Ott light tucked under my machine extension table) to trace the leading lines.

Pete then gathered his troop to help color in the drawings with Gallery Glass paints.

"Thank you for your support!"
Pete's best friend and Eagle Scout came with us to the Vet's Home to help install the vinyl.

The folks who work and live there were really happy with the results.

 Job well done, Pete!

As we watch the events unfold in Boston, we are more proud of him than ever that he has chosen to serve our country in the Marine Corps. There are two titles that a man never loses, Eagle Scout and Marine. (There are no "former" Eagle Scouts or "former" Marines.) Pete will soon be both!


Mary Hamilton said...

Tina - congrats to your son! What a great project.

Impera_Magna said...

What a fantastic project! And what beautiful results! So much better than a view of the dumpsters.... and the light shining thru... lovely!

Congratulations to you new Eagle Scout and best wishes to him as he embarks on a career in the Marines!

WoolenSails said...

What a wonderful thing to do and the lighthouses were a beautiful idea to brighten up the hallway.


VeeV said...

beautiful work.....and a great place for positive energy!!!

Cathy E said...

Congratulations!! The windows look great! Good reason not be quilting.

Kathy said...

Great project!!! Congratulations to him for making Eagle