Sunday, April 7, 2013

Family Day

 My husband, mother and I spent a few glorious hours at a lovely state park watching Pete and about a hundred other Marine Corps Poolees being run through their paces by their recruiters and a real live Drill Instructor.

My mother was not dressed appropriately for the cool breeze, so it's a good thing this quilt was in the car to bundle her up in. I brought it thinking I could take cool outdoor pics at the park. We were so focused on the action, I never did get any other photos.

 The day started at 10:30am with pull ups. If Pete looks like he's struggling, this was pull up number 25, perhaps the most he's ever done. My mother was very proud!

 Their day ended just before 2pm with volunteers rolling around in the mud with the DI.

 This muddy mess hugged me! He ships out for Parris Island in September.

 After family day, mom and I went to the Modern Guild meeting down the street from the park. Convenient, considering we were almost an hour from home. The current challenge is a crayon challenge and you can see my crayon in the middle of this pic. I pulled some fabric last night and made a sample block this morning, inspired by a quilt in Camille Roskelley's new book. I love this Martha Negley Dahlia print. It is literally the only thing in my stash that matches the crayon color.

Off to church, then I'll take the batik quilt out for photos. 
Have a great day!


WoolenSails said...

Looks like a nice way to spend with family and quilting afterwards is the perfect way to end the day.

I think we will take advantage of this beautiful day and go for a walk.


Pokey said...

What a beautiful day together. I can't believe you have the batik done already, good for you! When you do take pictures, make sure you include your Momma snuggled up in it, too ~