Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fresh Fabric

I've purchased and received so much fabric in the last month, I thought I'd create a mosaic. It looks cool, no? $12.49 a yard is not cool! That was the price for Madrona Road at Ryco yesterday. Thankfully, I had a coupon. Who can afford to make a whole quilt at that price? Stash is free, right?

It looks like I'm entering a blue phase. There is still some orange in there, but the calmer, cooler blues are appealing to me now. Maybe I should start picking up some Emerald. What's with that Pantone Emerald? Does it look like the gem to you? I am glad it's not the late 80's version of emerald, though. My bridesmaids wore tea-length velvet and taffeta emerald dresses! Can you picture it?

I'll be heading to the courthouse for jury duty tomorrow. I hope they send me right home, but I wasn't that lucky last time. (Murder trial in 2001.) Have a great week!

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