Friday, January 18, 2013

Finishing Up Friday

Not finished yet, but I am making progress. This is the top half of the guild raffle quilt. I just stitched together the top two quarters. I'm really hoping to finish the top this weekend before I take Julia back to school. {sniff}

While I was piecing the first quarter of this top, I was not using leaders & enders. I felt like I was wasting too much thread, so I cut out a baby quilt! I'm not using the pattern I had intended to make with this jelly roll. I must have seen it on Pinterest and I am so easily distracted! I'm now making Whirlygig by Amelie Scott. It's going to be adorable! In just one day of piecing, you can see how much I pieced from the first pile (on the bottom). This is a great technique for piecing two quilts at once!

If I can stay off Pinterest for a while, I might just get this done soon!

I'm linking up to Amandajean's Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts.


Tessa Marie said...

Your quilt is lovely and I totally get spending too much time on Pinterest!!

Lisa said...

Wow, those blues and that pattern are beautiful, great job!

Debbie said...

Oh your quilt is just awesome!