Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Finish-Along Q1 List

Yay! I'm so excited to be participating in the 2013 Finish Along! It fits in nicely with the Threadbias UFO Group. Thank you, blogland, for keeping me motivated to keep sewing!

Here's my current WIP list, in order of importance.

1.  Ninigret Quilters Raffle Quilt. As the quilt show chair, it is my job to make sure the raffle quilt gets done in a timely fashion. The show is in October, and the raffle quilt is still just a pile of block parts.  Not good! I don't even have a picture to show you. Will update later.
Here's a little peek:

2.  Madrona Road MQG Challenge. The top is done, the back is piece, the binding is ready. I need to buy some batting and get this quilted by the end of January. I'm thinking about quilting feathers up the chevrons. My feathers need some work, so this would be good practice.

 3. Baby Quilt for Grand-niece due in February. Not started yet, but I have a pretty jelly roll waiting for a special little girl. I think I bought it 2 years ago at MQX.

4.  Sugar Wave. This isn't important, but it will be easy to finish. I layered it and did the in-the-ditch quilting in November. Now I can have some fun in the wavy parts!

5.  Friendship Star Mini. This would be another quick finish. I plan to donate it to our Guild's Silent Auction at the show in October, so it probably won't get done this quarter.

6. Swap Soup. My excitement has dimmed for this piece. I might be doing a trunk show soon, so it would be fun to include this one, for the swapping stories alone.

7. Three by Three. I'd love to finish this for my bed, but I'm not crazy about the piano key borders. This side is OK, but the side you can't see in this pic is not so great. If I can redo the offensive corner, I'll send it out for long arm quilting.

8. Mod Bento. I love this little swap top. Why has it sat undone for so long? I'll need to find a nice print on sale for the borders. (Love the hands and feet!)

Eight projects is not too bad, but you know something else will come along! I've resisted the Scrappy Trips craze for a whole week. How much longer can I hold off?


Archie the wonder dog said...

I can't wait to see which is your first finish - good luck!

Karen said...

I really, really, really like your Madronna Road... which is interesting, not the palette that usually calls me... can't wait to see your finish on it...

Leanne said...

I really love all your projects. I think that the swap soup is so interesting, I hope you enjoy it more when you get back to it and I love friendship stars, including your colourful ones. I am go glad you are finishing along.

capitolaquilter said...

Love the Madrona - I hadn't seen it in the flckr group yet. Feathers will work wonderfully on this.