Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

 Hello, WIPpers!  It's been quite a while since I've posted for WIP Wednesday and it's nice to be back.

The JDRF RI quilt, Masquerade, is ready for the auction this weekend!


New Start:
I just started working on our guild raffle quilt.  The show is in October 2013, but I feel like I am already behind schedule!  The pattern is called Going in Circles from the book Certifiably Crazy by The Buggy Barn.

Raffle Quilt Sample Section

Here is my mock up, repeating the sample section above.  The guild quilt will be an assortment of blue and neutral batiks, giving a scrappy feel.  Blue sells tickets, don't you know.

Raffle Quilt Mock Up

Top Priority:
My nephew and his wife celebrated their first anniversary at the end of March, but their wedding quilt is not done yet.  At our quilt retreat in early March, my friends helped me decide on the applique designs.  I have three different flowers to choose from.

Corner Applique

They also decided that the quilt must have a scalloped edge that echoes the shape of the wedding rings.  Yes, they are still my friends!  Looks like this quilt will be a housewarming gift.

Side Applique

I need to tweak this list a bit.  There are just too many projects!  Bonnie referred to them as PIGS (projects in grocery sacks)!  I only have one that lives in a grocery bag and it is her Orca Bay Mystery.  Anyway, here is the whole list.  Eek! (You can see pics of most of these on the Works in Progress page.)
  • Girl Scout Troop Quilt - would be nice if it was finished by end of May/early June
  • Kaleidoscope QAL - needs to be finished in June
  • Orca Bay - I might get back to it someday
  • Blogger's BOM - 2 blocks done.  Am I really 6 blocks behind?

There are so many piles of swap blocks, they need their own category!
  •  4x5 Modern Bee - waiting for 1 block, then layout design begins
  • Mini scrap basket - might play with these next weekend
  • Teeny Weeny Paper Piecing - no plan for these yet
  •  3X3 - add borders - will go on our bed when done
  • Mod Bento - needs borders
  • Polka Dot - charms made into hourglass blocks.  Now what?
  • Red & White Charms - Karen and I really need a sew-in day!

Now let's go check out the other Works In Progress...


Debbie said...

wowsers! You DO have quite a list there!? Random, but I'm curious about your planned layout for your 4x5's...

Amanda said...

I love the blues/greens in your Going in Circles quilt. And how there are stars in stars. That's awesome!

Archie the wonder dog said...

That's some list!! I love the applique you've chosen for the DWR quilt and the 'you're crazy' quilt is going to be another stunner!!