Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bonnie Hunter!

 What an awesome day!  We've been waiting for years to meet Bonnie and today was the day.  You know how when you "meet" someone online you wonder what they will be like in person?  Bonnie is exactly as she appears on her blog.  So fun and friendly and generous!

Sorry.  Blogger is not being nice, so everything is out of order.

When I walked in this morning for the workshop, THE hexagon medallion was draped over the piano.  Breathtaking!


Sharon gifted Bonnie with an "Only in Rhode Island" basket.  
 Dels's frozen lemonade mix, Jonnycake mix, coffee milk syrup, and New York System wiener sauce.


Don't you just love stacks of quilts?  Stacks of Bonnie's quilts are the best!


Tomorrow, we're off to MQX for some retail therapy.  Woohoo!


Archie the wonder dog said...

How fabulous - you lucky things! Bonnie's quilts look fabulous, especially the hexagon one!!

Debbie said...

oh wow - what FUN!!

Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Awesome pictures. The first one is great with the towers in the background. Wish I could have gone Wednesday night, but Kelsie's dance show was wonderful and she did great. Glad you had a good time. See you in a couple hours!!

Jackie said...

Boy there is just too much fun going on in RI!! I really need to get over there. Thanks for sharing the fun.