Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I did it!  I finally made a successful batch of Amaretti
(Same as Pignoli cookies without the pine nuts.  My sister and I always picked those off anyway.)

Egg Whites + Sugar + Almond Paste = Yum!

Shhh.  Don't tell my sister.  These are for her!
I've been trying to make these cookies for 20 years (on and off).  I've tried different recipes, different brands of almond paste, and I have finally landed on the right combination for me.  Julia texted me from school during lunch to tell me they are "the most delicious things on the face of the earth!"  I'm ready to buy an entire case of almond paste!
These are the cookies from Mike's Pastry in Boston that we had to sneak into the Rush concert because they don't allow any "outside" food in the Garden.  But they didn't catch the jack knife in Pete's pocket.  Really?
Much more baking and some last-minute gifts to finish will make this a very busy few days.  I hope you are all enjoying the preparations as much as I am!


Jackie said...

Those are my favorite cookies too. My mom always made them, but I love the pine nuts!! I think I might have to try your recipe. Funny you had to sneak them into the concert.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Sounds delicious! Enjoy them!

Jackie said...

I've never had these before but they look DeLiCiOuS!

Debbie said...

Very cool, Tina! I'm excited for you (& me!) I'm happy to add this recipe to my foodie stash! Any chance you'd link it to Tuesday at the Table??