Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Handmade Christmas 2011

 I had planned to take a little blogging break for the holidays, but how have 3 weeks passed so quickly?  Lemme sum up...

My mother made this Christmas Lily wall hanging for my sister in the early 90s.

A sneaky mouse got into her plastic storage tote and stole some comfy bits.

I did a little applique repair, front and back with a bit of fresh batting and a few stitches of quilting to hold it all together.  Mom and Sis were pleased.

For Julia, a knitting needle roll from this tutorial.

She loves it!  How could she not love anything made with this Kate Spain print?

 Pete has been asking for a carrier for his cajon for a whole year.  He even picked out the fabric.  It's just a big tote bag with a flap to cover the top.  It's nothing fancy, but it works!

Another happy kid with his custom cajon carrier!

Julia made pasta for Christmas dinner.  YUM!

We spent Christmas Eve at my niece's lovely home.  Lily and Anna wanted Julia to play dress up with them and kept bringing dresses to her to try on.  So cute!

I made little tote bags for the girls and stuffed them with snacks, crayons and little activity books.  Anna didn't care much about the books, but was pretty happy with the juice boxes!

There was one more handmade gift, a cute little zipper pouch for my mother's hearing aid supplies, but I never took a photo of it.  It is super cute and a major improvement over the plastic baggie she was using.

In other news...
Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles sponsored a float in the Rose Parade, celebrating Girl Scouts' Centennial in 2012.  We had an opportunity to purchase flowers for the float, so I bought a dozen, one for each girl in my troop.  Their names were tied to flower stems and placed on the float.  I cried when it came into view on TV.  Such a sap!

It's so easy to not  post to the blog when you get out of the habit.  I'm back now and ready for 2012!


Debbie said...

What wonderful handmade gifts!! Totally love that needle roll!!

Sarah said...

The gifts are lovely :)
We have Brownies over here instead of girl scouts and every time they do an event I well up...soppy git that I am!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Love the repair you did on the wall hanging and the presents you made are wonderful! I'm also out of the blogging habit - I'm having enough trouble keeping up with my blog reading never mind writing one!