Saturday, December 17, 2011

Birthday Winner

 And the winner is...

How cool is it that Sarah won on her birthday and the giveaway post was on my birthday?!   I hope she gets the luggage, too.  She will need it for her upcoming adventure- teaching English in Asia!  Best wishes to you, Sarah!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!  I had a lovely day. 
Bill brought home a dozen of these beautiful roses.

I've been quiet on the blog this week, but there has been some crafting going on.
I totally enjoyed crocheting this wreath from this Goodknits tutorial!  I'm not completely happy with the bow.  It looks a little 90's to me.  It's just pinned into the styrofoam, so I can easily change it out.

I bought a cheap green wreath at the grocery store and embellished it with a variety of greens from my yard. Again, not happy with my bow.  It is too white.  I found a spool of silver ribbon in the stash, so I might switch it.

I learned this technique from Martha years ago.  I make little bundles of the various greens, then wire them to the base wreath.  We cut down our white pine last spring, so I had to get some from Girl Scout camp last weekend!  The branch was already down, so it was OK.

More greens on the front porch...

and on the back deck.

I love this gold bow!

My big birthday gift was new living room furniture.  I need to help Bill dispose of the old sofa that was literally falling apart.  We're off to the dump!


Jackie said...

Beautiful flowers and a fabulous gift of new furniture!! Glad to hear you had a fantastic day! You deserve it!

scrapfancy said...

I am so impressed with the knitted wreath. It is so pretty and the bow you will find something to do instead. Try a wider size ribbon.
Merry Christmas.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Beautiful flowers and wreaths, I particularly like the crocheted one!