Friday, November 11, 2011

Fresh Fabric Friday

I wanted to show you some fresh fabric today, and it seems appropriate to start with the camouflage!

Julia is planning to make pillowcases for her friends for Christmas, so the Army camo is for Fred and the dessert camo is for Pete.

More novelties for her friends: bikes for Mike, running for Rosa (Josh Rosa), and I couldn't resist throwing in the cute daisy.

A few solids for the next round of the 4x5 bee: pomegranate, sage, medium grey and coal.



Archie the wonder dog said...

Lovely fabric - can't wait to see what it all gets turned into!

Sheila said...

Nice camouflage fabrics. Where did you buy it? Is it soft cotton? Grandsons love camouflage.

nitro rc cars said...

Complete plain fabric and those are great to attach with African prints. Yesterday, I bought lots of African prints and starting to create quilt on same plain fabrics.