Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crafty WIP Wednesday

 Happy Day Before Thanksgiving!  I should be getting the turkey ready and preparing casseroles, but I'm busy crafting!  I'll have a table at my church's bazaar on Saturday, and I don't have much ready to sell.  I get bored easily, so I try new things every year. 

This sweet little bear is from a pattern I bought this morning on Etsy!  She's slightly bigger than the original pattern.  So cute!  I won't be selling them, but will make some as gifts.  You can buy one here.  (Hers are even cuter!)


When I was surfing yesterday, I saw these awesome Lily Pulitzer monograms.  Mine are poor imitations, at best, but still kind of fun.

Way cuter in Central Park fabric and the font from these monograms!

 I made a bunch of felted wool crocheted flowers.  They still need centers and pin backs (a job for my assistants?).  The fabric under them will become covered buttons for the centers.

Maybe a hexie ornament?  Maybe not.

How about some Hexie candle mats?
Too busy.

Ahh.  Much better with 12 Days of Christmas!

 It looks like the only thing ready to be sold are these key lanyards from Stephanie's tutorial.

There will be much cooking and crafting for the next few days!  
When you need a break, enjoy the other WIPs!


Longvacation said...

Wow, I applaud your diversity! I think you are right about the first Hexie mat, very busy.
Your monograms look just as good as the Lily Pulitzer monos, and your felted crocheted flowers are so lovely.

Elisa Black said...

All of your projects look wonderful! Good luck on Saturday and have a wonderful holiday!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Sorry I'm late reading this - how did your stall go and did you get anything else made?!!