Monday, October 26, 2009

Quilt Show Part 2

The whole family drove down to the show Sunday afternoon, but the boys had to rush home for the Patriot's game.

Julia did a great presentation of Quilts of Valor. She demonstrated Heartstrings and handed out QOV cards. Eight QOV's made by guild members were displayed. More than a dozen members participated in her Silver Award project. It was a huge success!

Julia is wearing my rainy day project: a selvage skirt! I saw a photo of Paulette's skirt on the Selvage Blog and had to make one. I'm planning to write a tutorial this week. The skirt was a huge hit at the show, and most of the selvages hold memories for Julia.

Josh had to visit his quilt. He'll be happy to get it back.

One of the founders of our guild, Barbara W Barber, has made a couple of series of people quilts. The latest series was made for a school presentation, so they are kids size. They all have cutouts to stick your face in for photos.

Pete as Harry Potter...

and Honest Abe.
(This kids cracks me up!)
Josh as Hannah Montana and Julia as Dustin Pedroia!

Our guild treasurer is moving to Arizona today, so I organized a signature block collection for her. (Hence the Super Simple Signature Block Tutorial.)
I couldn't just hand her a pile of blocks, so I thought I'd make a fabric box, like the ones in the book by Linda Johansen. I wanted a custom size, which I thought I could manage, but it was an epic failure!
Plan B: The Friendship Bag. It needed this fabric flower with a pin back, so she can take it off the bag and pin it anywhere. Perfect!
Sandy loves batiks, so we asked people to use them in the blocks. It is a wonderful assortment, and I hope she has fun putting them together.

One last show photo: my purchases. I tried to restrain myself because I already spent a lot on quilty things in the past 2 weeks. A guild member is an expert basket maker, and I had to have this one! I bought the fabric from a shop I haven't been to yet, Just Quilts. It's at the other end of Rhode Island- a full hour drive! I'd have to pack a lunch!

Julia and I helped take down the show, and as we left, she said how much she loves Ninigret. The show and the guild feel like home to her. The quilters have known Julia and Pete since they were born. They see Julia occasionally at meetings, but they were surprised to see how tall Pete has gotten. They love the fact that Julia is a quilter.

Well, it was a full weekend. Definitely inspirational. I'm ready to get started on Christmas gifts and stocking up for craft fairs.

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Jackie said...

You all had a wonderful weekend. I so wish I could have come to the show, not only to see the beautiful quilt, but to meet you as well.