Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Crafting

I've been having fun cleaning out my sewing/quilting/crafting space this weekend. In the process, I found some supplies I had forgotten about and made some quick crafts.

A couple of weeks ago, I started this embroidered piece from Happy Zombie. I finished it into a pillow using an orange remnant I picked up on Friday from Joann's for $2.50. Pete just said he thinks it's creepy, but Julia & I like it.

A few months ago, I bought 1/2 gross of ring blanks from Rings & Things. The rhinestone jewels were pins that I picked up at a consignment shop for a few dollars each. I cut off the pin back, but it needed to be filed flat with a dremel. I love these rings!

Some old and new buttons from the stash and my favorite adhesive, Bond 527, and we have a pile of cute button rings. These were inspired by WhiMSy love. Her vintage buttons are soooo much cuter than mine.

I needed a project to take to Pete's doubleheader yesterday so I grabbed a bunch of t-shirt yarn. Seven innings later, and T-tote Two was complete!

Saturday night, Pete took this photo out of the car window in Newport. We were on our way to see our favorite guitarist, Peppino D'Agostino. It was Grandma's first time seeing him, and she enjoyed the concert as much as we did. We were happy to introduce Peppino to 3 generations of fans!

If I could just stop sneezing and blowing my nose, it would be a perfect weekend!

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Dave Robertson said...

- Neat rings! Thanks for showing them off :)

at Rings & Things