Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Baby Bricks I

Another UFO to add to the pile. I can't stop piecing lately. I'm actually digging in my bins to look for stuff to piece. Feeding two pieces of fabric under the presser foot is my happy place.

I don't know what this pattern is called or where I saw it (online or in person). It looks a little bit like a zipper, but that's a different pattern. If you know who designed this, please let me know.

It is really simple to piece. You just need bricks and squares. My bricks are 2" X 3.5" so the squares are 3.5".

This project goes a lot faster if you already have a pile of bricks. Several years ago, I chopped up my novelty stash into bricks, squares, and strips.

When you clean up, if you find two more piles of bricks that fell onto the chair, you'll just have to piece another quilt!

What will Tina piece today?