Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday- Itty Bitty Finish

 I have two finishes to report this week, courtesy of my new weight loss plan. I realized that when I'm sewing, I'm not snacking. More sewing = less snacking = pounds lost. Win-Win!!

Earlier today, I finished an itty bitty mini for the Schnitzel and Boo mini quilt swap.  The flying geese variation blocks go way back to twiddletails' Geese in the Forest BOM in 2009. The original blocks were 6", I reduced mine to 3", and for this mini, I reduced them further to finish at 1.5"! This tiny quilt is only 8" square.

I always get nervous when it comes time to quilt these little pieces. I wanted something wavy, like the quilting on my 2009 piece.

On the back, I added folded triangles in the top corners for hanging (just insert a dowel or bamboo skewer cut to size).

I had fun photographing this little cutie on various backgrounds: green kitchen wall, rhododendron bush, yellow living room wall, gray front porch siding.

 The other finish this week was my T quilt. Read more about it here.

Next up: I picked up Pete's quilt today from the quilter and it's ready to bind. And our t-shirts for boot camp graduation arrived today. I'm getting so excited to see him again!

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Susan at said...

oh my, that *is* ity bitty! Good for you, I know how hard minis are. :)

WoolenSails said...

Love the small quilts, have been wanting to do some, but not much sewing getting done this week. Got a wicked flu and it went right to my joints, so hopefully I can get going again soon. I have an idea for a baby mat and can't wait to make it. I have my machine on a table, so that doesn't help with free motion, guess I need a table too.


Debbie said...

ok, I love your mini mini! Spose I can't just choose it, can I?

mb-RI said...

Tina - love the mini and the original large one. You continue to amaze! Also love the T's - mb

Laura said...

I like the sound of that diet plan! You should patent it!!! The quilt n quit diet!

Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Love, love the quilts!! You are the mini expert, for sure. I saw Bill at the office, so I got caught up on Julia and Pete. I know December can't get here fast enough for you.

lilibrizuela said...

Hola, es la primera vez que veo tu blog, haces unos trabajos preciosos.