Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday

It has been a red, white and blue week! To celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans' Day, I've been playing with red, white and blue.

Finished: Pete's Album Quilt. Yes, I just posted about this. I wanted it to be a separate post from WIP Wednesday. Click here to read all about it.

New Start: I decided I need a cool tote bag for our trip to Pete's graduation, so I pieced some string blocks. Unfortunately, I'll need to set them aside while I focus on other deadlines.

Shipped: The itty bitty mini went off to my schnitzel and boo swap partner yesterday.

Top of the List: I'm booked for one craft show in early December and I really need to get to work! I have some computer work to finish up this week, then I'll be sewing full time for the show.

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Terri said...

Love the rw&b work! You have a great stash of happy fabrics.
And your swap quilt is darling and wonderfully wonky.

Mary Hamilton said...

Tina - what craft show are you at in December? I am in Narragansett on Weekends and am always looking for good things to go to?