Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP Wednesday

 It's been a fun and productive week!


The Girl Scout quilt is done!  I've been too busy to do a whole post about the finish, but I hope to get to that soon.  The girls love it!  It's starting to sink in that they will not be here on Friday nights anymore. {sniff}

Julia's laptop case is done!  The fabric she chose is from Kristian A Howell's Morrocan Mirage collection for Anthology Fabrics.

I used this tutorial by Crap I've Made, but had some trouble with the zipper ends.  That's my finger sticking out of the hole!  I added the green tabs to cover the holes.  They are a design element!

In Progress:
I used the leftover fabric to border a pillow that hasn't been stuffed yet. (Bought some stuffing at Walmart today because the pillow forms were crazy expensive.)

I love freezer paper stenciling.  I really should do it more often!

I'm proud of the mitered corners!  Isn't this cute?

This week's list:
Finish the J pillow and make a patchwork pillow.
Finish the borders on the applique quilt.
Get Julia packed for school!

Don't forget to jump over to freshly pieced!


Shontelle said...

Love the "design element"! The laptop case is lovely and you should be proud of those mitres. They're perfect!

Debbie said...

oh the design element is great! What a wonderful quilt you made!

Unknown said...

So I LOVE the laptop case, and of course "design elements" are the best!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I love the green tabs - what a great design decision you made ;o)

Rebecca said...

Love that laptop cover! Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday.