Monday, August 13, 2012

Girl Scout Quilt Top

Almost two years ago, my Girl Scout troop had an idea to make a traveling quilt for when they all head off to college.  That time is quickly approaching, so we got to work finishing up the quilt top!

Each girl chose her own fabrics from my stash and a pile of Girl Scout prints.  We also dyed our own fabric with Kool Aid in the microwave, so some of that fabric was used, too. The girls all chose their own block patterns, too.  Some came from books or online, and others were original creations designed on graph paper.  (The hexie block is mine and will include some writing, which I probably should have done before I stitched it into the top!)

Since the blocks were all different sizes, I "sashed" two sides of each block with Girl Scout prints to make them all the same size.  I was happy to have enough of the green cookie print for the border, but I wish I had not used that same print to sash Maia's pretty paper pieced block in the top row.

Genevieve came over on Friday after work to finish up her block.  She used a bit of our troop logo fabric (printed at Spoonflower) and lots of her favorite color purple.

Heather had chosen her pattern and fabric, but wasn't able to complete her block, so I pieced it for her.  Not my best work, but it will do.

I'm off to piece a backing and start quilting.  Then we'll need to determine who gets to use it first!