Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick Crafts

 Julia needed a "secret buddy" gift for work.  Today is her last day working at Girl Scout day camp and their secret buddies will be revealed.  There were a few small gifts and silly notes along the way, but something more substantial was needed for the final gift (and a second "Thank you" gift for the buddy who gave stuff to her).

Julia's camp name is Buglez since she actually plays the bugle.  We had seen these peanut butter filled, chocolate dipped Bugles snacks on Pinterest.  Perfect!  (the leftovers got a little sweaty in the humidity when I took them out of the fridge)

**Tangent alert**  When I first saw this on Pinterest, there was no associated link to the original blog.  So I just put some peanut butter in a ziploc baggie, cut a tiny hole in one corner and squeezed some into a bugle.  I just went on the hunt for the original post and found it here at Cookies and Cups.  Shelly mixed her peanut butter with powdered sugar and a splash of milk and piped it into the bugles with a real piping bag.  I'm glad I hadn't seen the original post before I made mine!  As delicious as that extra sugar must be, ours came out just great!  And I didn't have to clean peanut butter filling out of a piping bag.

OK, on to the packaging.  We used this nifty box again from Cosmo Cricket.  The Amy Butler paper is so pretty!  I hope Julia's buddies enjoy their treats!

I did a little crafting of my own yesterday - a zippered pencil case for Julia in her favorite color!  I combined two tutorials: Spoonful of Sugar and  Sweet Verbena.  I pieced one big piece, quilted it with wavy vertical lines, and stitched up the pouch.  I wish it was a little bigger, and that I had used felt instead of batting.  And I forgot to look for a charm for the zipper.  I'll let Julia pick one out from the stash later.

Next on the sewing for school list: a laptop bag like this one from Crap I've Made.

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