Saturday, July 9, 2011

Krafty Kids

My kids had a very productive week!

Julia made two skirts for herself! The blue one is from this circle skirt tutorial. The pink Martha Negley Dahlia skirt is from the Easy Ruffled Skirt tutorial. She did an awesome job! She learned some stuff and only asked me a couple of questions along the way. She's excited about bringing her sewing machine to college (in 2012).

While Julia was sewing, Pete was tying knots! He has made almost 30 paracord survival bracelets since the supplies arrived on Tuesday from Project Paracord. He used to make them with a cool knot and loop on the ends, but decided to try adding buckles for this batch, using this tutorial. He did a great job!

He's hoping to sell most of them this summer at our local Army/Navy store and at Boy Scout camp. They may even appear in my Etsy shop!

Next week: Jazz Camp! Julia will be singing and Pete will be on drums. Can't wait for the concert at the end of the week!

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