Friday, July 29, 2011

Christine's First Quilt

Meet my neighbor, Christine.
We've been talking about having her learn to quilt for at least a year. Finally, we found time for some lessons while her daughter Abby was at day camp.

Her first quilt is a doll quilt for Abby's bitty baby.

We started with the blue calico that she inherited, and pulled the pink and green from my stash.

Christine's Aunt Jodi inspired her to start quilting but she lives at the other end of the state, so I'm a much more convenient teacher! I hope she will select another project soon. We need to keep her busy when her daughter starts school!


Jodi said...

Yippee! I LOVE it! Way to go, Christine, and Tina, for teaching her. The quilt looks great, and so professionally done - love the quilting gloves! I'm sure Abby is thrilled with her new quilt, also! Keep up the good work - looking forward to seeing the next project.

Mary said...

Awesome!! I'm so happy for Chrissy and what a beautiful little quilt!!! Bitty Baby is going to be so cozy and warm. Chrissy's Auntie Mary!!!

Ruth said...

Gorgeous! When is Chrissy going to start her own blog? :-)

lynneUSA said...

It's lovely, but you should warn her, once bitten by the quilting bug there is no cure