Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fabric Diet?

I'm planning to participate in the Stashtacular beginning on July 11. It will include, among other things, a fabric diet. No fabric shopping for a month. I've taken the pledge, but I figured I should stock up in advance!

In the past week, I have purchased 20 yards of fabric! It adds up quickly, doesn't it?

A local quilt shop had a big sale, so we picked up some modern prints. They didn't have a huge selection, so we were keeping an eye on other people's piles! The green TOT was in the clearance bin!

Then we hit a huge store that we don't get to very often. Good thing! Ryco has an awesome selection of solids. A fair amount of Kona, and the other brands are good quality, too. They didn't have all the colors on my list (mango & celery) so I might need to place an order with Jackie! How great is that jumbo ric rack?!

Here's a miscellaneous pile. Again, the green on the bottom was on clearance. There are just some fabrics that jump off the shelf into your cart!

The gray and blue were brand new, and from companies I haven't seen before.

I think I'm ready for the Stashtacular!

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Jackie said...

Yep, no fabric diet here! Love your choices too. I know that they will be put to good use.