Thursday, June 2, 2011

Playing Catch-up

There hasn't been much sewing going on these days other than the Block Lotto blocks. This time of year, there is a lot of running around to games, concerts and ceremonies. It's all good, but it doesn't leave much time to sew.

My Girl Scout troop is working on a sampler quilt. It is slow going during meetings, so I have started to invite one girl at a time to come over to sew. It took Catherine almost 2 hours to cut and sew her HST units. They still need to be trimmed and assembled. She is graduating from high school soon and it was her first time sewing on a machine. I think she liked it!

Pete's current garage band, Attractive Dan, competed in a Battle of the Bands and earned 3rd place! Not bad for 2 sophomores and 2 freshmen. He's hoping this group will stay together for a while. (He has played in a different band every year since 7th grade that only played one show each.) They are writing their own songs and have already played 3 shows.

It is so hard to get a good shot of Pete on the drum set with my point and shoot camera, no matter how I try to manipulate the exposure. It's just darker back there on the stage. I'm still trying to decide if we should buy a digital SLR before the big vacation this summer.

The rhododendron in the front yard is incredible! People are saying that the massive amount of rain we had this Spring has been good for the flowering shrubs. We haven't had this many blooms on this one in years.

I saw two bunnies in the back yard before Pete mowed the lawn. I like the way the photo is a little fuzzy from zooming in.

We have a busy few days ahead.
Memorial concert tonight: Julia singing alto in the choir, Pete on timpani in the orchestra.
Girl Scout Bridging and Gold Award ceremony tomorrow.
Jazz concert Saturday night: Julia on trumpet and vocals, Pete on drums.
Add a baseball game on Saturday and a softball game on Sunday.

It's all good!

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