Friday, June 3, 2011

Hexies To Go

I packed up a traveling Hexie kit to take to baseball and softball games and the beach. The gorgeous pouch is from Gabrielle and is the perfect size! In it goes the needle case from Sylvia. Aren't swaps so much fun?!

I drafted my own hexagon papers that are 1/2" on a side and 7/8" tall. They go in an old Altoids tin with some precut fabric. Throw in little scissors, a spool of thread and my reading glasses and I'm good to go!

I'm not happy with how much the cream thread shows on the dark rings. Can you see it or is it just me? I might need to un-sew those and try a matching thread or medium gray. What would you do?

Last year's traveling hexie project was this table runner. I'm hoping this summer's Grandmother's Flowers will become a mini quilt with traditional green paths.

(I searched for a photo of the runner and then remembered it is my new banner!)


Nedra said...

The hexies look so cute on the clutch. Nice job.

Kristen said...

I love these! That clutch is to die for! My hexies always show a little thread too, but I wonder if that is the charm of these little hexies? Maybe pink with the pinks and purples with the purples here, but I don't fret about it too much!

The Sunflower Patch said...

just love your lil cluch :)

Ricki said...

That clutch is too cute! I love hexies and have always wanted to try them. Yours look great!

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