Friday, July 30, 2010


Has a quilt ever kicked your butt?
We're on a deadline with this one and it is NOT cooperating!

We've already torn out 2 rows of quilting, but at this point, we need to just plow through.

There will be no ribbons awarded for this puppy.

There was some good news, bad news and no news in my extended family this past week.
We lost a lovely Aunt to a brief illness. We will miss her.

But there will be new life! My niece is pregnant with her first child!
The needle test says...

It's a boy!
(There will be ultrasound confirmation in a few weeks.)
I've only been wrong once. Dozens of tests and the only one I got wrong was Anna.

We still haven't heard from Pete at the Jamboree. I figure no news is good news, but don't you think he should call his mother?!

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Katie said...

We are so excited for a new cousin!! We should have redone the "Anna" test while I was actually pregnant for her. I don't think we repeated it then. Anyway, with her curiosity, quickness, ability to climb and her ability to destroy almost anything in a matter of seconds, she may be somewhat of a Tom BOY. So maybe you weren't that far off. :-)