Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swap Fun

I've been a little preoccupied (actually, obsessed) with the Boy Scout Jamboree. Before Pete left, it was all about preparing and packing. Now it's an all out internet attack. I'm jumping around between every possible Facebook page, blog, Flickr pool and sub-camp website. We haven't heard directly from Pete yet, but we saw pictures from their trip down and he was having a good time. No news is good news!

In between Jambo stuff, I did manage to sew something.

The Mod Bento Blocks arrived last week!
(Round 2 is starting on the flickr pool if you are interested.)
The blocks are like candy! I made 4 extra blocks to chop up for setting and corner triangles. This was my setting plan from the start so I jumped right into the piecing, and it went together in no time.
I love it! (especially because it has feet!)
I think it could use a border, which I will be auditioning fabrics for next week.

"mom. really?"

And here are the goodies from the paper bead swap.
There is such a variety of shapes and sizes, they are inspiring me to keep rolling.
You know what? Rolling paper beads is quite relaxing when you finally step away from the computer (or someone pries it out of your hands!).

I'm off to help Julia finish a quilt that needs to arrive at the New England Quilt Museum by Aug 4. Plenty of time! This morning, we finished the borders, pieced the back, layered it up and pin-basted. Time for her to quilt!

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Mary-Kay said...

I love the Mod Bento Box quilt. i have that pattern and perhaps I should get to it. Your's is very inspiring. The paper beads are cool. How do you make them?Is there a book or a blog about the process?