Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Crafts Part 1

I decided I should try to make something every day this summer.
Something quilty or crafty or yummy!
So far, most of my crafts have been samples for Bible Camp.

Julia brought up the bead bins last weekend to repair some of her broken bracelets.
I finally made myself a necklace to hang my reading glasses from. I've been wanting one since I bought the glasses a couple of years ago. There's a matching bracelet, too.

I made the beads months ago. They are rolled from recycled paper. The process is addicting! Fabric ads from quilting magazines make the prettiest beads!

On deck for tomorrow: God's eyes.
Coming soon: My 200th post giveaway!

edit: I just joined a Paper Bead Trade. How fun is that?!


janicemae said...

Hi Tina,

That is too cute, I love how the paper beads is like a part of the glasses! Have you joined the swap? We still have room but it will end tomorrow. I'm glad I discovered your blog, I am just about ready to try something new. Still a little bit intimidated.

Maria said...

Hi Tina!
What a good goal, to make something each day! I maade muffins today. Does that count? I can't get to my sewing room because we are having construction done upstairs but soon! Love the glasses and the beads.