Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Edie's Quilts

Julia picked this bouquet for Grandma today, and put it in her bike basket for the ride to Grandma's house!

We were treated to a quilt show & tell!

My mom's friend, Edie, dropped off a stack of 9 quilt tops that she had started when she lived in Florida. They are all different and fun! Simple patterns in great old calicoes and solids.

I love that gray print in the middle quilt below.

The drunkards path is awesome! Hand-pieced and I love that mint!
Mustard and gray? Oh, yes!

Look at this elongated hexagon! These fabrics came from her mother-in-law's stash, so some of them are really old.

A grandmother's flower garden. Is it a requirement for every quilter to have one of these in our UFO stash? I have one, my mother started one...

Edie found the pattern in a magazine, then used the magazine pages for the foundations. She thinks it was started about 30 years ago. She'll be working on this one this summer.

This one is crazy cool! Double knit polyester!
Edie didn't make this one; she bought it at a yard sale.
The colors and prints are awesome.

I offered my assistance in layering and basting or tying, so you'll probably be seeing more of these when the weather cools off.

Thanks for sharing your work, Edie!

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