Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Mod Bentos

OK. I think I'm done piecing bento blocks!

At the beginning, I was almost paralyzed with fear.
What if I picked horrible combinations and no one wants to use my blocks?

After Julia's help getting started and a couple of blocks under my belt,
the process became so fun and freeing!

Nothing bad will happen if the combos are not perfect.
No one will be harmed if I put a Heather Bailey next to a Jane Sassaman!

My happy assortment of blocks makes my smile!

Visit the Flickr pool to see other people's blocks!
On Flickr, I did my best to label the fabrics I used, in case you see something you have to have!


Monica at Buttoncounter said...

um, CRAZY! if there is anyone that does not just love you blocks...send them to me! I am getting giddy just looking at them.

maeve315@msn.com said...

Love, love, love your color and pattern combos - so fresh and exciting! What size is the block before you quarter it? These blocks will surely make a fabulous, colorful, happy quilt!!!