Saturday, April 10, 2010

Math Geeks Unite

It's finished!
You knew I'd get it done in time. I finished the binding at 1:30AM, rinsed it in the washer and pinned it to the carpet to block it. I went to bed at 2.

After I started stitching down the binding, I realized I hadn't added a sleeve. By that time, everyone else was asleep, so I had to decide by myself which end would be up. This the way I had been looking at it for a while, so it seemed right. This morning, I wish I had turned it 90 degrees, so the big block is on the bottom, weighting it all down. Maybe I'll change it someday.

You can kind of see the spiral. I wish I had couched a fiber or appliqued a tiny "stem" to make it stand out more, but I didn't want to cover my pointy points.

I included the failed test block on the label.

I'm on my way to Providence now to drop it off.
If anyone is planning to attend MQX on Friday, let me know. Karen and I will be there! We'd love to meet you!


Unknown said...

Your hard work paid off! It turned out beautifully! Love the title too. Wish I could be there to see you again and to finally meet Karen. But remember our plan for May...

Kathy said...

Great job and those sleeve decisions are always hard at 1am!!!

Sandra Henderson said...

so beautiful! I love the colors! great job! I am new to blogging and found you through several others via audreypawdry. FUN STUFF HERE! I'm new to blogging since Feb. Live on Cumberland Island, GA, so mix wild horses, beach, painted bunting today w/my quilts. You just never know what you are gonna get! lol
I'll try to get back over to visit! so many beautiufl things to see... XO