Thursday, April 8, 2010


I've been stuck. Paralyzed by the fear of screwing up. Does that happen to you?

This piece needs to be delivered to MQX on Saturday and I just started quilting it this morning. I'm not working well under pressure.

The MQX charity challenge required that a pack of fabric be purchased (with the proceeds going to the New England Quilt Museum) and a Bear Paw (the MQX logo) had to be incorporated. Simple enough.

I decided to make a Fibonacci sequence of Bear Paw blocks. Figuring out how to distribute the quarter- yards of fabric I was given and what to add from stash was the first hurdle. I'm moderately please with the results. My family and Girl Scouts really like it. The smallest blocks are 3.5" and the biggest one is 28".

Now it's crunch time and I'm quilting. I knew I wanted to incorporate a Fibonacci spiral, so I laid the outline of a chambered nautilus on top. I'm not sure how one of the coolest invertebrates in the ocean relates to a bear, but whatever. Not my best quilting work, but with no time to spare, it stays. I think you can see here how I'm not matching up well when I have to double back. I'm using a thicker thread on the main spiral.

The next problem is filling in the segments. Like the blocks, the "chambers" get bigger as it radiates out from the center. That leaves a lot of unquilted space to fill in. Maybe I'll fill in around the outside edges first and come back to the chambers after some fresh air. I'll use a thinner thread for filling in. I want the main spiral to stand out.

Are you sensing the stress? I want the quilting to be good. It's the Machine Quilters Expo, for Pete's sake! I've never had a quilt judged before, so I'm trying to use this as a learning experience. I feel like the African Olympic skier whose goal was to not be the worst one. How's that for setting high standards?

OK. Enough stalling. Back to the machine!


Connie said...

Apretty quilt, and I really like your header quilt. HAPPING SEWING!

Jackie said...

Oh My!! Tina, I seriously thought you would have this done by now!! It is definitely crunch time. I do like the way you decided to quilt it. The quilt is coming along just wonderfully and I know that you will get it done and meet your high standards!! Wishing you luck and can't wait to see it complete!! Now a few deep breaths and some chocolate, that always helps stress.

Kathy said...

Breath, breath,quilt, chocolate, repeat.

Nedra said...

Best of luck! The quilt is beautiful.