Monday, February 1, 2010

January Scrapbook

Yay! I finished the 1999 scrapbook in January, as planned. It's nothing fancy, but it's done. Now that all the supplies are spread out, I'm planning to keep going with 2000 right away. (Well, after a couple days of Girl Scout cookie business.)

I had all the supplies I needed for this one in my stash, including the book and extra pages. For 2000, I'll need to buy some stuff when it goes on sale. I have plenty of paper, so I can get started with the pages until then.

Here are some of my favorite pages and memories from 1999.

A fun day in Boston's Public Garden.

Julia's first day of Kindergarten. She gives me a hard time for not crying when she left. She has always been a social butterfly and easily makes new friends. I knew she'd be fine. (I did cry the following year when my baby got on the bus and left me home alone.)

Pete was Train Boy! He was in heaven when Thomas the Tank Engine came to Newport. How cute is he?

Julia created this page commemorating the friendship between her teddy bear (Daddy Bear) and the baby polar bear (Triton) at the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence. Julia brought Daddy Bear almost everywhere for a couple of years. She was standing at the glass one day and Triton came right up to Daddy Bear, nose to nose. She held him up, and Triton continued to swim down to say hello. This went on every time we visited. We were all sad when he had to move to another zoo.

This is probably our favorite Christmas card photo.

In other weekend news, Julia was in the ensemble of the high school production of Cinderella. The girls all loved dancing in their hoop skirts. Julia shines on stage. She was Cinderella 3 years ago in middle school, so we kept picturing her in that role. But she was happy to perform several parts, requiring five costume changes.


Gerry said...

Oh, so many years to go.
You are a strong gal. said...

Congratulations on finishing your 1999 book! It must be a good feeling to finish and a motivator to continue ~ keep going, my friend!

Great photo of Julia on stage.